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by 5. September 2009 08:42


Hi Everyone

In this post I want to elaborate on the magic of the Rewind Technique. I'll repeat this at the end, but if you're sceptical or new to this, then please do read the eBook/book so you can see how I became totally healthy again, and how I've helped others.

If you've read the book by now you'll know how the Rewind Technique works by way of "erasing" the particular negative looping thought that you direct it at.  By erasing that destructive pattern you give the gut a chance to heal, which it can do remarkably quickly - see Tricia Best's account in the Review Section of this site.

The great thing is that you can do the Rewind Technique on the go and even right when you "catch yourself" in the moment of one of those negative thinking loops. I'm assuming in this post that you've read the book and you know the structure.  So, here's what you do:

You've noticed that you're in one of those negative loops ...

  • Immediately visualize that negative thought pattern (don't worry too much what springs to mind) and push it out in front of you onto the old crackly black and white cinema screen. Play a movie of the visualisation forwards just one time and press stop at the end.
  • Retreat yourself to the middle of the movie theatre. 
  • Now float out of yourself up and back to the projection booth where you can look down at yourself in the movie theatre looking up at that old black and white screen. 
  • Take a deep breath, summon up the feelings of confidence, curiosity and amusement (see the instructions in the book, eBook and my Rewind Technique audio recording)
  • Now rewind that movie while looking down at yourself looking up at the old screen.  Keep rewinding, faster and faster and make it as ridiculous as you can!  Play something silly like the Benny Hill music in your head and at least make yourself smile with this process.  Keep the perspective of looking down from the projection booth onto yourself in the middle of the cinema looking up at the old movie that you're rewinding. 
  • Stop, and as you stop you can even allow the film reel to snap as if it's rewound so much and so fast that the reel snaps.  Do this Rewind three times and notice each time if you're still bothered by the thing that was bothering you before when you caught yourself in that looping thought pattern. You should be in a state that doesn't really know what all the fuss was about!
  • Remember to follow up with a visualization/emotionalization of what you DO want.  IE to be totally fit and well again.  Really get into it and allow yourself to be supremely grateful for your recovery. 

You should notice a difference within a few days.  If you find yourself lapsing into the negative thought patterns, do a quick Rewind on the spot like this - it only need take a couple of minutes for this type of "Instant Rewind".  However, if you're still finding yourself indulding in lots of negative thinking that could be making your condition worse, I would certainly encourage you to do the standard Rewind model as in my Rewind Technique audio recording.

There's real magic in this process.  If you're sceptical, just remember that people have used this technique to stunning effect.  If this is new to you, then buy the eBook right now and read how I conquered the problem myself and how I've helped others to do so.

All the best







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