How Do I Have So Much Energy! 

People are always asking me how I have the energy to get so much done! 

Well, it's simple.  First, through the techniques described in Your Gut Feeling, I think clearly so I don't waste any energy on negative thinking routines. 

Second, I do get regular exercise.  One simple thing you can do is get a rebounder (mini trampolene) and just start bouncing! Really, it's amazing and it can completely transform your state of mind in a matter of minutes.  See my interview here.


Third, although I eat what I like, I do try to be sensible and eat reasonably healthily.  There's been a lot of research in this area, and the basic lesson is this: if you want lots of energy then you may want to consider alkalizing. Put simply, alkalizing involves consuming lots of vegetables in your diet and avoiding sparkling drinks and heavily processed or sugary foods.  Well there's a bit more to it, but not much.  And it can be very easy and even pleasant!

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