The Author of "Your Gut Feeling"

Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen is actually a well known stock market trading expert and best-selling author!  It just so happens that in his 20s he suffered with an acute case of ulcerative colitis.  Rendered virtually housebound, and given a bleak prognosis by the doctors, Guy proceeded to defy the medical community in making a complete recovery using the techniques of Geoffrey Glassborow, a renowned hypnotherapist in Surrey, England.  See Guy's interview here.

After Guy's astonishing recovery, he made the study of the mind his hobby and developed accelerated healing techniques for the relief of physical conditions such as colitis, Crohn's disease and IBS.  These have had phenomenal success and Guy's methods have been endorsed by the largest hypnotherapy clinic in the UK.

Guy is the author of three best-selling financial trading books, "Options Made Easy", "The Bible of Options Strategies" and "Volatile Markets Made Easy".  His clients include NYSE Euronext, the largest stock exchange in the world, and the Financial Times (FT Prentice Hall).  Guy is also the creator of financial software products including "Flag-Trader", "Illuminati-

Trader" and "OptionEasy" among others.  He holds a Finance MBA from Cass Business School, London.


The Man Who Made it Possible

Geoffrey Glassborow

"Your Gut Feeling" owes much to the genius of Geoffrey Glassborow. This is the man who cured Guy from ulcerative colitis and many others from a host of afflictions including IBS, Crohn's and colitis throughout a distinguished career in hypnotherapy. 

A Parashute Regiment veteran of World War Two, Geoffrey survived a Nazi Prisoner of War camp in Germany until the Allied liberation in 1945.  During his service Geoffrey became renowned for helping his fellow injured comrades by relieving their pain through his relaxation techniques.  Practising hypnotherapy from his Surrey home and London for over 50 years, Geoffrey quietly administered his "ordinary miracles" for countless patients also including movie stars and sports heros. 

Never a man to retire, Geoffers practiced right to his passing at 89 years old in November 2011.  He was always devoted to his son, two daughters, grandchildren and his dogs.  We remained good friends and had lunch together just a few weeks before his passing.  Nothing I could ever do for him could adequately repay what he did for me.  He gave me my life back.  


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Bestselling Books by Guy

Guy’s books are bestsellers in the field of trading, and are translated into multiple languages including Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian.

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