"How I Cured Myself of an 'Incurable' Condition and How You Can Follow My Methods"

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In 1994 Guy Cohen was diagnosed with a severe case of ulcerative colitis, a similar condition to Crohn's disease and IBS, at the age of 23.  Within 18 months he had defied the doctors in both the US and UK and was pronounced fully recovered.

Discover How One Man Confounded the Doctors, Beat Ulcerative Colitis By His Own Efforts, Returned to Full Health, and Now Helps Others to Beat this Painful and Debilitating Affliction.

Guy's Methods Are Equally Applicable to IBS and Crohn's Disease ... Discover How You Can Return to a Full and Healthy Life!

In Your Gut Feeling, Guy describes his experience of ulcerative colitis, and how he overcame what the medical profession said was 'incurable'.  Register NOW and receive the amazing recording that set Guy on the path to his full recovery, PLUS you'll also receive the BONUS REPORT on how Guy has so much vitality and energy!

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Your Path to Recovery Starts Here!

"Hello, and thanks for visiting.  My name is Guy Cohen.  My story is simple, yet amazing.  In 1994 I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a close cousin of Crohn's disease and IBS.  As you may be aware by now, the symptoms are terrifying and within a short space of time I was virtually housebound ... at the age of 23. 

Despite being told my situation was virtually hopeless and that the condition was incurable I actually did engineer a cure.  Your Gut Feeling guides you through my journey and shows you exactly how I achieved the impossible.  Not only that, but it also includes the specialized knowledge that I've accumulated over the years that massively improves and speeds up the recovery process that I used. 

Register NOW and download the amazing recording of the relaxation session with Geoffrey Glassborow, which led to my full recovery.  You may also want to download the other recordings so you can accelerate your own improvement. 

All the best

Guy Cohen"

If you've ever had trouble with your gut, or know anyone who's suffered in that area of the body, then Your Gut Feeling could be the breakthrough you've been searching for.

The Drugs Companies aren't Looking in the Right Place! 

IBS, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease are horrific illnesses that cause massive pain and debilitation to millions of people around the world.  To this day, the medical profession maintains that the conditions are incurable and can only be treated on an ongoing basis via organ-damaging sulphur and steroid drugs and/or life-changing surgery.  No wonder.  They make massive money from these ongoing treatments. 

However, there are documented cases of people who have been totally cured.  Guy Cohen is one such man. 

"In 1994 I was struck by ulcerative colitis and my entire world was turned upside down ... at the age of just 23.  After six months of being stuffed with steroids and sulphur drugs by doctors and relief from the symptoms, I knew it was time to start afresh.  Somehow, I knew that I could find the answer.  It was just a matter of time, being open-minded and determined.  In April 1995, I had deteriorated to the extent that the doctors told me I needed surgery and I would never be properly healthy again.  Needless to say, I refused surgery and instead pursued a recovery on my own terms.  In December 1995 the very same doctors told me I could forget that I'd ever been ill in the first place!  During those intervening months, I hadn't take any of their drugs, yet by December I was fully recovered". 

Over the next few years Guy studied the techniques that had helped him make such a spectacular recovery and discovered ways to improve them and speed up the process.  The outcome of his work is Your Gut Feeling, a blueprint of how you can make massive improvements to your own health.

Your Gut Feeling chronicles Guy's inspirational triumph over ulcerative colitis, a close relative of IBS and Crohn's disease.  From the time he was reduced to being housebound to his amazing recovery, Your Gut Feeling describes the terrifying symptoms Guy suffered, and then outlines his proven blueprint to wellness.

From No-hope to 100% Recovery 

Having been told that he could never be well, Guy defied conventional wisdom to create a new reality for himself and now millions of others.

Guy made a 100% recovery from a so-called "incurable" condition. Your Gut Feeling demonstrates step-by-step how this can be achieved by using your mind in a highly structured way that can be duplicated by anyone.  This is in contrast to clinical theory that such a recovery could only be a "statistical phenomenon."

With humor, raw emotion and real entertainment, Guy Cohen tells his story as it happened, and as it happens to so many others without them even realizing it.

Your Gut Feeling also comes with a free download audio recording of the amazing relaxation session that helped propel Guy towards his recovery.  To download the recorded session simply register and you will receive the instructions on how to claim this recorded session.  You should certainly read the book as well.  You'll also want to download the recordings of Guy's own relaxation session, and also the extraordinary "Rewind Technique".  The combination of the book, the relaxation sessions and the Rewind Technique is so powerful that other people have reported life-changing turnarounds in just a matter of days. 

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What People Are Saying

Your Gut Feeling is a valuable story. Those who suffer from UC/Crohn’s/IBS often spend a long time trying medical and alternative approaches without finding relief.  Understandably they slip into despair.

Reading Guy Cohen’s beautifully entertaining book will rekindle their hope and motivation. Unusually it is written from the sufferers’ perspective using first hand knowledge and commitment. The treatment modality of hypnotherapy used was well ahead of its time at the time. Subsequently however, the treatment procedures have been verified by science.

Positivity, particularly in tranceforms, enables the brain and the immune system to work cohesively together helping sufferers to tap into their own innate ability to control and manage illness.

I am quite sure Your Gut Feeling will help an enormous number of people into being inspired by Guy Cohen’s personal odyssey.

David Newton - one of the most experienced hypnotherapists in the UK.  He is the Senior Practitioner at the Clifton Practice the UK’s largest hypnotherapy clinic.  In 2005 he was made a Fellow of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy in recognition of his services to teaching.

Hi Guy!

People celebrate Christmas for various reasons and I want to thank you for your role you played and are still playing in the recovery of Tyler.  What you have taught him about himself and how to relax plays a big role. I feel the application of your theory is much bigger and may play a big role in many other illnesses and the healing thereof.  I personally think a good investigation and trials should be run, and the results will surprise and shock most people.

Kind Regards


Brilliant. We're still a bit stunned by the effects you've had

R Best

Dear Guy

Just to let you know that since our session last week I've experienced some amazing results. a calmer gut (now down to two trips to the toilet per day instead of 10-12) , a really positive state of mind and also the most delicious velvety sleep which since the birth of Sam I had despaired of ever getting back!

One of the most important things I have discovered is that I need to put just as much commitment in too!  I listen to your mp3 recording every night and when I hear 'the voices' I laugh them out of existence.

I was in a 'dark space' - believe me - and now I'm definitely out into the sunshine again - it feels good!

Thanks Guy!

Tricia B

Hi Guy

Towards the end of June 2008, Tyler reached a very bad patch with his UC.  The UC consultant said that the only way forward will be a total removal of the colon and a bag.  We were very fortunate to make contact with you shortly after that.  The operation was planned for mid September. We were eager to start Tyler on your course, because after 14 years of no progress we were willing to try anything.

The good news is that they are not going to remove the colon anymore because of the progress he has made in recovering from UC.  I'm very positive that he will be totally cured of UC by the end of the year. We are very greatful and cannot thank you enough.

Kind Regards


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