An email from Cornelia

by 20. November 2010 00:21

Hi Everyone

Here's an email I just recieved today ... very heartwarming. 

Dear Guy,

My life had been put completely on hold for over two years as a result of the chronic symptoms that were diagnosed as collagenous colitis. I felt that my life was just draining away and the medical profession not being able to help.  That is when my daughter Sonja whom you know through Print Junction, discovered your book last Christmas.  Just reading it gave me hope and the strength to make a firm resolution to do my utmost to beat this debilitating condition of mine.  I religiously listened to Geoffrey Glassboro’s hypnotic induction every day at least once, which I found very the ectf and with thin calming and nurturing but also it seemed to give me the same focused feeling as in a very deep and intense prayer.  I had always firmly believed in our body’s miraculous power to heal itself and by June I started to feel a slight improvement and by July the diarrhoea stopped completely.  It was like a wonderful miracle to me!  Now I can lead a normal life again a motion!

Naturally, there was also a significant emotional issue to my condition, which I could see clearer over this time and which I managed to resolve also.

Before the onset of my colitis I had written a book for Sonja and my three grandsons describing my traumatic experiences during the Second World War and the escape of my family from the Soviet Union, which I had previously suppressed as I could never talk about it without breaking down. This factual as well as emotional outpouring whilst writing the book must have continued and manifested itself physically as well. Once this became clear to me the healing process together with my daily affirmations was able to start.

It was your book, Guy, that gave me the motivation to go on my healing journey and I am deeply grateful to you for passing on your inspirational story. I hope that it will give hope and the impetus and resolve to many other sufferers to heal themselves.

With kind regards and best wishes for your continuing good health,

Cornelia Eckett



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