Being Responsible

by 5. August 2009 12:13

Hi Everyone 

A quick word on conventional vs alternative methods.  

I want to emphasise that you should be responsible about the way in which you use any alternative methods to help yourself, and this includes my methods her and in the book.  

The methods contained in "Your Gut Feeling" and this website have helped a growing number of people achieve extraordinary results, which has subsequently led to relaxation or even cessation of conventional treatment.  Do make sure you consult with and get the approval from your physician before making any changes to your conventional treatment.  It is strongly recommended that you continue with supervision from your medical physician until such time that your physician advises you otherwise. 

This is common sense and does not detract in any way from the extraordinary results that I discovered can be achieved.  The bottom line is that when your symtoms are easing, your physician will reduce the medication accordingly.  When your symptoms disappear, then you and your physician may agree to cease the medication.  That's our goal.  

So, be sensible about the way you go about this.  The only thing that matters is the end result, which is that you get better.  

I look forward to hearing about your major improvements! 

All the best 



5 Steps To a More Comfortable Life

by 31. July 2009 04:03

Hi Everyone

If you want to start transforming how you feel, then follow these steps to the letter. 

1. Believe you can do it!  Get that relaxed fighting spirit going.  I did it and many others have now done it too.  Now it's your turn.

2. Notice your internal voice and how you're communicating with yourself.  Notice when you think about something wonderful your body chemistry changes and you feel better.  And vice versa, so concentrate on wonderful thoughts.  Allow yourself to dream about yourself being healthy and happy.  

3. Be aware of your breathing.  Practice breathing deeply, slowly and steadily, through your abdomen. 

4. Read the "Your Gut Feeling" book.

5. Listen to the relaxation recordings at least 3 times per week.  AND got through the Rewind Technique recorded session.  The Rewind Technique can massively accelerate your progress. 

Follow these 5 steps and you will notice a difference in how you feel, for the better, no question about it.


Welcome to Your Gut Feeling

by 26. July 2009 16:12

Hi and welcome to Your Gut Feeling.  

This is Guy Cohen and from time to time I'll be putting up blogs here so you can get the maximum benefit of my experience.  

I'm really excited about this project because I've helped a number of people already, and now, with this website and the audio recordings I've prepared for you, I'm going to be able to help so many more people out there.  

So, please read my story, then download the recorded sessions and start making the transformation you really want to make. 

All the best 



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